D+D Real Czech Challenge will be attended by 15 Czech golfers

One of the Czech golf festivals of the year is here! Seventh year of D+D REAL Czech Challenge will take place this week on the golf course Kunětická Hora and will be attended by 15 Czech golfers. Specifically, nine professionals and six amateurs.

One of the first registered Czech golfers was Stanislav Matuš, who earned his full card on the Challenge Tour through Pro Golf Tour last year. Out of 5 Challenge Tour tournaments played this year, he made his first cut last week when was elilminated in 2nd round of Andalucía Costa del Sol Match Play 9. Eventually he finished 23rd, for which he received  €1 910 and in overall ranking Road to Ras Al Khaimah he is on 145th position.

The only better Czech player in this ranking is Filip Mrůzek, who starts on Challenge Tour thanks to sponsor invitation through Relmost, as well as all other Czech professionals. Filip Mrůzek has made one cut from his previous two starts, when in the first case he missed cut in Turkey by a single shot. However in Portugal, he made it to the weekend rounds and finished T14, his new Challenge Tour maximum. In total, he earned € 2800  and is 121st in Road to RAK.

Other Czech players are still waiting for their first cut on the European scene this year.

Jan Cafourek, Petr Dědek jr., Petr Gál, Daniel Suchan, Aleš Kořínek and Ondřej Lieser are also invited to the tournament. Tadeáš Sedláček earned his card during the first Moneta Czech PGA Tour tournament this year, where he took third place behind Filip Mrůzek and Michal Pospíšil.

Six Czech amateurs playing D+D Real Czech Challenge benefit mainly from the extended cooperation of Relmost with the Czech Golf Federation, which has received more cards at the first of the two Challenge Tour events this year.

Other talented players such as Šimon Zach, Matyáš Zapletal, Jiří Zuska, Filip Raja, David Siwy and Jakub Bareš, can look forward to getting some interesting experiences.

D + D REAL Czech Challenge takes place in Kunětická Hora from Thursday, May24 to Sunday, May 27.