Lieser, Lizanek and Stryncl Get the Last Three Tournament Cards for Kuneticka Hora

The list of Czech golfers who are to be attending the tournament on Kuneticka Hora has been finalized with the last three names. Ondrej Lieser, being the best Czech player of last year‘s tournament with his 30th position, is going to play on his home course. The tournament card was also granted to Lukas Lizanek and Jiri Stryncl. There is going to be the total of 18 Czech players (13 professionals and 5 amateurs). The tournament begins on Thursday, 29 May, and the training rounds will start from Monday.  There is a free entry throughout the whole week! 

We are happy to invite not only the golfers, but also non-golfers with families and children because we have prepared a special accompanying program where even the little ones will be able to take a closer look into this beautiful game. Ondřej_Lieser1Jiří_ŠtrynclLukáš_Lizánek