Planning meeting in Golf & Spa Kuneticka Hora

An integral part of the preparation for any European Challenge Tour tournament is the planning meeting. This whole day event was held on Thursday – 18 April, 2013 at the Kuneticka Hora Golf Resort. Mr. Gary Butler was nominated as director of the tournament for the European Challenge Tour.Including the promoterThe following additional organizations and their representatives were present; the newly elected Czech Golf Federation President Mr. Zdenek Kodejs, referees Mr. Michael Jon and Mr. Jiri Kubelik, and for the resort management – Mr. Pavel Krejci and Mr. Michal Voigts.

Preparation for the tournament and for PRO-AM tournament were verified, details about course, technical conditions, logistic, players‘ accommodation, gastronomy, security, volunteer workers etc.

It is necessary to say that director of the tournament flew back to England with positive sentiment, there were no serious contradictions with the given standards of the European Challenge Tour.

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